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Welcome to Barons

Barons Pub Company has built a fantastic reputation for good quality food and service in the family pub/restaurant sector since October 2000 when we opened our first restaurant in Cranleigh.

I am so proud of how the Company has grown and flourished since then. Our business is obviously all about providing great food and drink, but really it is all about people too. It’s always been important to me to make positive relationships with people regardless of whether they are customers, staff, suppliers, neighbours, local authority figures or indeed anyone who we come into contact with.

Our Company values underpin everything that we do at Barons and really set the tone for the Company culture. We are great believers that ‘Being the best you can be’ is achievable for everyone, even more so when the culture is good and you are surrounded by positivity.

Growing the business has been a real pleasure and I enjoy the fact that Barons has provided so much employment and so many career opportunities for our young enthusiastic workforce. We are proud at Barons to be a part of the Hospitality industry and we work hard to be good employers.

At the heart of our business is of course our customers. We provide the setting for all sorts of occasions and it’s our jobs to help make sure they are memorable for all the right reasons. Whether it’s a casual pint with friends, a special birthday celebration (we’ve done 1st Birthdays and 100th Birthday celebrations on the same day!), wakes, weddings, BBQ’s, corporate events, live music nights, family meals or anything else, we can make the difference by providing an expert service and making sure we provide the right offering to match the occasion.

In an ever-evolving world, I am convinced that great hospitality paired with great food and drink will never go out of fashion!

Clive Price
Managing Director, Barons Pub Company

Clive Price - Managing Director